The New SAT – Is Your Teenager Ready?

The New SAT – Is Your Teenager Ready?

by Jose Angel Manaiza, Jr.

The SAT is a test used by most U.S. colleges to determine whether a student will be admitted into their institution. The SAT is not an IQ test, and is neither a test of aptitude nor a personality test. It simply tests how well the student has prepared for the SAT, so it is important to know as much about it as possible. The new SAT was implemented in March 2016. Below I provide a brief description of both the old and the new SAT so you can understand how it has changed.

The Old SAT 

The old SAT, used for 11 years, was a paper-based test provided at schools around the U.S. and in foreign countries where there are international schools teaching in the English language. It was a 3-hour and 45-minute exam structured with 9 sections including an essay. The 3 main categories were:

1. Critical Reading (70 Minutes, which included two 25-minute sections and one 20-minute section.)

2. Mathematics (70 Minutes, which included two 25-minute sections and one 20-minute section.)

3. Writing (60 Minutes, which included one 25-Minute essay, one 25-minute section, and one 10-minute section.)

The New SAT 

Implemented in March 2016, the new test is divided into 3 main categories:

1. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (100 Minutes, which includes Reading for one 65-minute section and Writing for one 35-Minute Section.

In the Reading section there are 52 standard multiple-choice questions measuring the student’s understanding of the meaning of words in the context of passages and his/her command of evidence.

In the Writing and Language section there are 44 standard multiple-choice images-1questions, which address words in context, expression of ideas, and the conventions of Standard Written English grammar, usage and punctuation.

2. Mathematics (80 Minutes, which includes one 25-minute section (no calculator) and one 55-Minute section (calculator allowed.)

There are 45 standard multiple-choice questions and 12 student-produced responses based on Algebra, problem solving and data analysis, and advanced math.

3. Essay (Optional, 50 Minutes to write one essay.)

The essay is optional and asks the student to provide a critical analysis of a source text provided in the test.

The good news about the new SAT is that points will no longer be deducted for an incorrect question. This is an opportunity to make sure to answer all questions no matter what. Two areas are scored and each area is scored out of a total of 800 points. Together they can create a maximum score of 1600 points.


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