What can I do with my leftover pumpkin?

What can I do with my leftover pumpkin?

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by Marci Liberman

Pumpkins are much more than a seasonal craft with a crooked smile. Pumpkins are rich in essential vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients that will improve your skin and complexion.

Some of the benefits of pumpkin include:

  • Pumpkins are loaded with fruit enzymes and Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) that brighten and smooth the skin.
  • Pumpkin contains high levels of Vitamin A. The body converts Vitamin A into Retinoic Acid, which has been effective for acne treatments, boosting collagen, evening skin tone, and smoothing out wrinkles. Retinol is an effective cell-communicating ingredient. It has the ability to tell a skin cell to look, act and behave better, more like a normal healthy skin cell would, or to prevent other substances from telling the cell to behave badly or abnormally.
  • Vitamin C, also found in pumpkin, is an important ingredient when it comes to skin care.      Vitamin C helps protect skin from free radical damage, which may cause wrinkles, and even skin cancer. Vitamin C also helps promote collagen production, which over time can improve skin tone and elasticity.
  • Alpha-Carotene and Beta-Carotene are protective antioxidants, and are responsible for giving pumpkins their bright orange color. Carotenoids can reverse UV (sun) damage and improve skin texture.
  • For those who suffer from acne, the Zinc contained in pumpkin seeds can control hormone levels and oil production. Zinc also reduces inflammation caused by bacteria.
  • Potassium, copper, magnesium, and iron are a few of the minerals found in pumpkin. These minerals help promote healthier skin by fighting inflammation and removing old surface skin cells.
  • Like Vitamin C, the Vitamin E in pumpkin serves as an antioxidant protecting the body from free radicals. It also reduces inflammation.

So, if you have any leftover pumpkin this month, use it to nourish your skin.

Here is a simple pumpkin-based skincare recipe:

Pumpkin Body Scrub

-¼ cup cooked pumpkin puree

-¼ cup brown sugar

-Combine all of the ingredients in a small bowl and apply the mixture to your hands or body using a circular motion

-Wash off with warm water.


Marci Liberman has been in the beauty business for over 20 years. She is the owner of Marci’s Skincare in Westlake Village.