UTOPIA – Luxury Living on the Sea

UTOPIA – Luxury Living on the Sea

by Veera Mahajan

Malibu Chronicle’s publisher spent time with David Robb who is the Chairman of UTOPIA, the company developing the most technologically advanced and luxurious ocean liner ever built. The ship is not your typical passenger vessel with small cabins. The UTOPIA boasts 200 luxury residences onboard, some of which are still for sale. This is what we learned about The UTOPIA and this revolutionary lifestyle.

David RobbDavid Robb, the Harvard MBA founder of UTOPIA, told us, “We are creating an unprecedented residential resort experience for people who love to travel and hate the hassles normally associated with travel.” Mr. Robb further explained, “Our luxury ocean liner will travel the world and visit ports during world famous sporting and cultural events.” The UTOPIA will carry her residents to well-known events such as The Cannes Film Festival, Monaco Grand Prix, Carnevale in Venice, Fashion Week, Art Basel, America’s Cup, and The Olympics.  According to Mr. Robb, “Our residents will also enjoy privileged access to some of the world’s greatest sporting and cultural events and galas. We are creating a floating community where residents feel pampered and inspired by this extraordinary luxury travel experience.”

According to the company, The UTOPIA has attracted an international clientele including iconic leaders in entertainment, business and politics, as well as A-list celebrities, musicians, athletes, and philanthropists. “We cater to the world’s most discriminating buyers,” said Mr. Robb. If you feel inspired to buy one of these palaces on the ship, you should visit the company’s website at www.utopiaresidences.com to see the video that tells more about the opulent ocean liner, and view a list of the events included on the ship’s itinerary.

The owners of residences on The UTOPIA love the fact that they can be in any one of forty great world cities every year and do so in the comfort of their own home. Not only that – imagine staying in your elegant home while you visit port cities during the height of their celebrations. It’s Miami for Art Basel; Cannes for the Film Festival; Dubai for The Gold Cup; Shanghai for Chinese New Year, and a different celebration every week. All year long, The UTOPIA transports its residents and guests to the world’s greatest sporting and cultural events – all in a style unsurpassed on any other mode of human travel.

UTOPIA’S President, Chris Chant, gave his input as well, “As you travel onboard The UTOPIA experiencing breathtaking and spectacular destinations in between world excursions, residents can enjoy the pampering journey aboard this lavish residential ocean liner.” The UTOPIA will provide its residents and guests exquisite amenities, including a “street” lined with shops selling luxury goods – “A Rodeo Drive on the water,” according to Mr. Chant.

Chairman Robb added, “Connoisseurs of fashion, yachting and jewelry will appreciate the world class luxury retail boutiques which will showcase prestigious brands, and the elegantly appointed interiors of the residences.” The residences include full kitchen, living room, bath, verandas, imported linens, china, crystal, and the very best in interior design. The carpets in many of the residences are provided by the same manufacturer that carpeted the White House in Washington, D.C.

In addition, there will be a spa for massage, relaxation and beauty treatments, a hair and nail salon, swimming pools, 2 tennis courts, and even a jogging track with breathtaking views near the top of the ship. Several gourmet restaurants run by top chefs will be available. Lounge bars, a theater, casino, and nightclub will spice up the evenings for residents and their guests. Art galleries will house a variety of exhibitions. For people who need to get business done even while traveling, the ship will host a bank and even a plastic surgery clinic.

Everything seems to have been thought of and planned to maximize the comfort and quality of the experience. The ocean liner will have a 1 to 1 ratio of staff to guests to ensure that each guest enjoys service that rivals the world’s top resorts. For residents who enjoy entertaining guests, but prefer that they not stay in their home on the ship, The UTOPIA will also have a prestigious 165-suite hotel to welcome temporary visitors. Putting visitors up in the hotel on-board gives the residents the ability to enjoy their visitors as often as they like while maintaining some freedom, privacy and space.

Kitchen fullThe luxury ocean liner is specially designed so that the residents can choose either to discover new faces or remain among themselves. For example, residential and hotel sides are completely segregated, and the ship will have a private residents’ club where residence owners can enjoy a private dinner or bar experience on their own, separate from the hotel side of the ship. In addition, the residents will have their own elevators, restaurant, bar, and concierge, all separate and apart from the hotel side.

“The UTOPIA’S private residents’ club will be one of the most exclusive clubs in the world with members who are top tier families from Asia, Europe, The Americas, and the Middle East and Africa,” said UTOPIA’S Sales Director, Rolf Smith. The residence owners who enjoy golfing will use the beautiful on-board golf green and private golf club that arranges golfing excursions to exclusive golf courses around the world where this magnificent ocean liner visits.

For those residents who need to work while they travel, there will be a state of the art data and communications center to allow people to trade their stocks and manage their business affairs, and conference rooms for business meetings. To accommodate its private aviation guests or those in a hurry to board or depart the ship, The UTOPIA will offer helicopter service directly to its on-board helipad. The UTOPIA’S residents will also enjoy special events, VIP receptions and much more.

bathroomLife on a ship has never been so opulent. Additional amenities include full serviceconcierge, butlers and a fully equipped business center, as well as climate-controlled private storage for residents’ fine wines and/or delicate couture furs. These magnificent travelling homes afford their owners unprecedented opportunities to travel the world without leaving home.

While pricing varies according to location on the vessel and the optional furnishings, buyers can expect to pay approximately $4 million to $35 million for one of the residences. All of the residences are beautifully furnished and range in size from approximately 1,500 to 6,200 square feet and come in 2, 3 and 4 bedroom configurations. Residence owners have the option to customize their residence by choosing either traditional or contemporary interior designs.

The UTOPIA will also be a center for learning and adventure for its residents. The ship will host Ivy League professors of sociology and history who will come onboard to discuss the background of countries, cultures and events that are next up on the itinerary. This advance historical and sociological preview of upcoming locations will ensure a rich educational opportunity for residents and guests of The UTOPIA.

DECKTo complement the lifestyle of learning and adventure, The UTOPIA will also navigate for a higher purpose. According to Founder David Robb, a key role of the ship will be its philanthropic mission. The UTOPIA will host humanitarian gatherings and meetings of world leaders. One of the ship’s mentors is former U.S. Secretary of Defense, Frank Carlucci (Chairman Emeritus of The Carlyle Group). “It is our hope and dream that this project will continue to be mentored by world leaders like Secretary Carlucci who have a heart for peace,” added Mr. Robb. Since the ship functions like a sovereign nation under maritime law, Mr. Robb plans to leverage the neutrality of the grand ocean liner to bring together the world’s greatest minds in business, politics, the arts, education, and religion to broker peace pacts among polarized groups and nations. “Under maritime law our ship is a neutral place, which will allow us to host meetings and have candid discussions that are not otherwise possible in a politically polarized nation. Remember that the World War 2 peace treaty was signed on a ship. People have historically viewed ships as neutral places where they can resolve their differences,” pointed out Mr. Robb who then went on to add, “We also plan to have food and medical distributions targeting certain destinations in need, as well as to dispense free pediatric care to disadvantaged children in other port cities.”

World-class travelers searching for the ultimate luxury lifestyle will find their match with The UTOPIA. Just imagine owning one of the world’s most prestigious luxury waterfront villas and using it to travel around the world and attend once-in-a-lifetime events.  With many of The UTOPIA’S residences already reserved, those who are interested in one of the world’s most unique and luxurious lifestyle experiences should get onboard The UTOPIA.

As our meeting ended, Mr. Robb said, “This is the only way in which someone can travel the world without leaving home. The UTOPIA will be a way of living that will forever change a UTOPIA resident’s life. It will be a journey of incredible richness and depth, learning and adventure. No matter where it takes you or where you may go, no matter who you encounter or what you see and learn along the way, you’ll experience every fantastic moment of awe and wonder from the one familiar place that keeps you open to it all–the place you call home.”

If anyone wants to learn more about UTOPIA or our residential ocean liner, they can call us at +1-310-270-4777 or visit our website at www.utopiaresidences.com.