Thai Massage in Malibu

Thai Massage in Malibu

Tea time spent at Leelawadee Thai massage on PCH, near Malibu Rugs was well worth it.

Matha the owner is wonderful and caring. She spends the time and takes care of all the aches and pains.  She is an expert at relaxing the muscles and making you feel comfortable. She encourages you to sleep and rest while she works on you.  After a full hour of the best massage I woke up relaxed and happy.  She massaged and cleaned the oil with warm towels so I was ready to go back to work.  A cold water bottle was waiting for me when I came out of my  cozy little room of fragrance and curtains.

All the other girls are great too! They are always polite and ready to help you!

Try it if you have some time. The price is beyond reasonable. If you go before 2 pm, you pay less than $50, yes even if it is $1 less than 50, it is less than $50. So don’t complain, Enjoy!