Paul J. Wright & Associates

I read Malibu Chronicle from front cover to the back page without missing a thing. I love all aspects of the magazine.  I first advertised with Malibu Chronicle for the spring 2013 issue.  In result I received great feedback, old clients I hadn’t spoken to in years reached out to me solely due to me being on the cover.  I was recognized everywhere I went, even at the gas station when I was pumping gas.  Malibu Chronicle is an influential publication; it was the right decision to advertise with Malibu Chronicle.

Sir Paul J. Wright


Smiles in Malibu

When we advertise in Malibu Chronicle, All Good News we start getting more calls as soon as the magazine is out.  When I ask how did you hear about us, the caller says “we saw your advertisement on Malibu Chronicle.

Laurie Dichtel


Olan Law

Advertising with Malibu Chronicle has added more visibility for my practice. It has reached a new clientele that otherwise I wouldn’t be able to reach without paying a lot of money to do.  I am very involved in the community and find that Malibu Chronicle shares my ideas.  I love to advertise with a magazine that gives back to the community and is involved as much as I am.  I recommend Malibu Chronicle to all businesses that are looking to get more visibility for the right cost.

David R. Olan


And from our readers ….

I finally had some time to sit down and go through the magazine and I loved the piece you wrote. Thank you for sharing your experiences so openly.

I share your passion for finding light and inspiration in the midst of the darkness.

I also love the magazine quality and the gorgeous cover and design. That, combined with your positive messages may be why the copies goes so fast. 🙂

Kudos to the work you are doing.

Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of it.


Chelo Alvarez-Stehle


Thank you to you for being such an inspiration along my journey to recovery.  This email below definitely includes YOU and your ALL GOOD NEWS magazine, especially your Learning to LIVE columns! I look forward to submitting my travel article and will mention in the article how your article inspired me while still recovering from brain surgery.

With Much Love and Gratitude Always,

Jennifer Gammons – Mujica