Teacher of the Year

Teacher of the Year

A.E. Wright Math Teacher Carrie Trupp Named Teacher of the Year 2016.

By: Barbara Burke

When you first meet Carrie Trupp, you think, “Wow, she could make mathematics fun!”

Trupp is a vibrant, enthusiastic ball of energy with bright shining eyes.   She’s the perfect person to teach math to middle school student.

“Carrie does the heavy lifting.” Principal Elias Miles said. “She is amazing and the students love her.”

Trupp is in her eighth year teaching at A.E.Wright and in her twelfth year in the teaching profession.  Each year, she is excited to meet her new students and takes them on positive journey through the math world.

“Growing up, I always wanted to be teacher. However, I always thought I was going to be a kindergarten teacher.” Trupp said. “Little did I know that I would end up in middle school and loving it.”

Trupp attended California State University Long Beach where she earned her Bachelor’s Degree and Teaching Credential simultaneously. She started teaching in 2005 in Orange County where she taught 4th grade. During that experience, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Educational and Instructional Technology.

Trupp joined AEW in 2009.

“I never looked back as I love being a Spartan!” Trupp said.

Trupp is in her 7th year teaching a Leadership Class where she enjoy watching students have fun at school.  “Get involved, stay positive, and enjoy middle school.” Trupp advises students.

In her spare time, Trupp enjoys spending time with friends, family, watching college football (Go Buckeyes!!), and traveling. She also appreciates the time she spends with her two nephews. “They keep me laughing!” Trupp says.

Trupp is truly honored to receive the teacher of the year award from the District.

Parent Antasha Lange helped to nominate Trupp for the high distinction.

“My kids are different types of learners with unique personalities.” Ms. Lange told the District. “Miss Trupp was able to teach both of them successfully.  I am glad to say that it is because of her that my son has developed a confidence in his math skills that he lacked the previous year.  She is the perfect blend of strictness, kindness and humor. Her ability to connect with the students and her talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior.  She is capable of recognizing a student’s potential as well as weaknesses. . . she is very dedicated and sincere. She is quick to respond to inquiries from parents.  She is an exemplary teacher.”

Perhaps the best indicator of a teacher’s efficacy is determined by what her students think of her.  Former student Carley Sanders, now a freshman at Agoura High School, wrote the School District about Ms.Trupp recommending that she be awarded the teacher of the year honor.

“Ms. Trupp is always in total control of her classroom, even with the rowdiest of my peers.” Sanders wrote. “From the moment she starts teaching, the class gives her their full attention. Contrary to what one might expect, her influence in the classroom stems not from the fear of reprimand, but out of utter respect.  Because Ms. Trupp takes the time to genuinely understand the class and develop relationships with students, she establishes a welcoming environment that allows students to thrive. Oftentimes at school, students feel awkward or disinclined to participate in class and reach out for help. However, Ms. Trupp, with her warmth, zeal, and sincerity, successfully overcomes this barrier.  In her classroom, every student is comfortable.”

Sanders continued her laudatory comments by saying that Ms. Trupp applies the same energy and skills from her leadership class in her math classroom. Incorporating technology, students are receptive to new concepts in her classroom.

“Laughter is a major component in Ms. Trupp’s classroom.” Sanders said. “In addition to being a teacher, she is a learner.  Ms. Trupp has an open mind and is more than willing to try new activities suggested by students. . . The desire to learn from others is an essential characteristic of a leader.”

Malibu Chronicle heartily congratulates Ms. Carrie Trupp on the wonderful honor of being named Teacher of the Year.

Teachers like her make all the difference in the world for our future generation.