Reiki, Body Energy and Cancer

Reiki, Body Energy and Cancer

Reiki is an energy therapy, an energetic force, and can be used to help cancer patients. 

“May The Force Be With You…Always”

By Lupe M. Guthrie, Reiki Master

I’m pretty sure that we all remember these immortal words, uttered by OB-Wan to Luke Skywalker in the first of the Star Wars films way back in 1977 (and again 20 years later). Fancy there being a force field that held everything in the entire universe together?

It certainly was a preposterous idea.

Little did I realize at the time that one day I too would be plugging into the force, just as Luke had done in his battle against Darth Vader. Only my job description was slightly different!

healing hands malibuchornicleSeeking a way of relieving the pain and discomfort my clients were experiencing in the battle with cancer, I was guided by a healing feeling to learn a Japanese healing technique called Reiki. The training was simple and on the day following the workshop I was able to place my hands on my friends, tap into an energy force, and let healing commence. Without realizing it, I had become an honorary Jedi Knight – using the force to combat the evil of cancer. And something happened: For about six whole months the health of a client of mine was stabilized to such a point that she had a real quality of life. Something was naturalizing the toxic effects on her body and enabling healing to take place on all levels – physically, mentally, emotionally and, for those who believe we are more than a collection of moving parts, spiritually.

Based upon my own experiences and those of others, I came to believe that Reiki certainly was a healing technique of immense power and have made it my career and life path. I have endeavored to get my head round the enormity and power of Reiki and to understand how it works during the course of my healing work at my own clinic.

Reiki, pronounced ray-Kee and meaning “divinely guided life force energy”, is a Japanese form of spiritual healing that can be practiced hands-on, hands-off or from a distance – also known as absent healing. The practitioner becomes empowered to access Reiki – a certain vibration of life force energy – by a Reiki Master, which has an almost instantaneous effect in connecting the student practitioner to the Reiki energy. From this moment onwards they are able to tune into and connect to Reiki, like tuning into a radio station, which then flows through their body and out from their hands to facilitate healing in themselves, other people, animals and even plants.

reiki-massageReceiving Reiki brings about a state of profound relaxation. Relaxation has been proven to aid healing and promote general well-being. In a state of high anxiety, anger, fear or stress, the body goes into its natural ´light or flight´ state, and is therefore not in the right ´mood´ to heal itself. So relaxation and stress relief must be the first consideration for anybody fighting cancer.

“I could physically feel the tingling on my tummy where the scar is – like a sewing machine stitching it up!”

Ancient cultures of Tibet, India, America, and Australia, have long believed that man and his universe are interconnected, that we resonate with our world and are simply a part of everything around us.

“Reiki goes very deep, it seems to touch our buried and hidden thoughts – it is as if an interior boil is lanced which allows the healing to begin.”

During a Reiki session people will often experience a sense of deep relaxation and inner calm. This is not a hypnotized state and is not induced through any other means than via energy transference through the hands of the practitioner. It is a supporting, nurturing and safe feeling, rather than one of vulnerability.

“I have cancer.  I have practiced Reiki for over a year.  I find that after a session of Reiki I have more energy and I feel grounded.”

The recipients can boost their own healing process by being actively involved – using mental imagery or visualization is a powerful aid and amplifies the intent to be well. Remember – intent is your most powerful ally and it is far more powerful than just positive thinking.

Reiki does work on a very physical level – it will relieve pain, reduce swelling and accelerate the healing of wounds, broken bones and scars after surgery. It can even help to reduce the size of tumors, making their removal easier and it actively helps the body restore itself to a state of wellness and balance after surgical operations.

Reiki is an extremely good alternative to tranquilizers and anti-depressants, as it works to raise self-esteem and, aided by a good counselor, you can work through the cause of the problems rather than dealing just with their symptoms.

“I felt that my wounded soul is somehow healed – I am at peace today.”

Many healthy people receive regular Reiki top-ups, just to keep balanced, well and vibrant. Whether you have cancer yourself or care for someone who has, Reiki will be of great benefit to you. Many nurses and care workers in Hospices and Hospitals are trained in Reiki.



Lupe M.Guthrie, Reiki Master

Lupe M. Guthrie began her journey in the healing arts at a young age. She holds several Master Certifications in Medical Massage Therapy, Medical Esthetics, and she is now an experienced Reiki Master practitioner and teacher. Her clinic is Therapeutic Skin Care in Agoura Hills, CA. She can be contacted at (818) 879-0686