Pepperdine Celebrates Chinese New Year

Pepperdine Celebrates Chinese New Year

Pepperdine Celebrates Chinese New Year with a Fabulous Spring Festival Gala Program

By- Barbara Burke

It’s the year of the Rooster and Pepperdine’s Smother’s Theater was the venue for a phenomenal evening of song, dance, comedy, magic, and martial arts.

The evening began with a Chinese New Year dinner.

Satiated patrons settled in for a wonderful evening of culturally enriching and entertaining performances.

The littlest ones took the stage first singing “Gratitude.” First graders of Thousand Oaks Chinese School, performed an adorable rendition of the song.  Prof. Fang Tian was the director and screenwriter.

Next, came Dance: A Nation of Ceremonies. This segment of the entertainment began with an introduction: “Prosper the nation of ceremonies with our Chinese clothing.”

The lovely Hanfu, the traditional Chinese clothing, was absolutely stunning. The dance, performed by Qing Zhi, Zuo Zuo (who was also the director and screenwriter), Erica Li, Iris Chen, and Jojo, was received with resounding applause.

“Weirdo Talk” was a light-hearted talk show and included an entertaining discussion of students’ daily lives.

An amazed and impressed audience cheered as the U.S. Kung Fu Center’s members performed Martial Arts: Shaolin Kung Fu, by Director/Screenwriter Yanguang Shi.  The Center provides training in traditional Chinese Shaolin Kung Fu, including Shaolin’s Eighteen weapons, Shaolin Grappling, Kickboxing and Self Defense.

Next came a lovely piano and rap faded (remix) piece arranged by Yuelei Xie and performed by Xie, Yiqing Ge, and Xiaoxin Wang.

A light-hearted comedy – The Office – Directed by Yishan Gao, and performed by Gao, Chaoyu Tang, Jianshuai Du, and Mo Cen, had the audience in stitches laughing.

Things got even livelier when Miku, Wennie and Zoe performed Zutter&work, a hip hop dance routine.

Super Mysterious Magic kept the audience enthralled as Yuhui Li kept them guessing with his ability to make things disappear. Then reappear. Then disappear.

Seng Hong added to the intrigue with his magic performance entitled “Drinking Along.”

As the pair of magicians performed, the youngest in the audience kept tugging on their parents’ sleeves and whispering “How did he do that? How did he do that?”

Lingxin Liu, a young crosstalk performer who is a student of Wenliang Wei, a highly regarded crosstalk master in Tianjin, has performed across China at many theatrical events. He took the stage at Smother’s Theater to the delight of the audience.  Joined by Yefei Wang, the pair thoroughly entertained the audience.

A mini-musical entitled Novelty: Musical about love with piano duet, pas de deux, and vocal solo, was performed by the work’s director and screenwriter Zoe, who was joined by JD, Lei Ge, Cici, and Xiao Bai.

Socal Hanfu, the group that performed the Dance, a Nation of Ceremonies, took the stage again and displayed a traditional Chinese Clothing Musical: Gorgeous Garment in Millenium. The vibrant, intricate, gorgeous clothing intrigued the audience.

The emcee explained that, in more than 5,000 years of Chinese culture, the dressing etiquette is not only simply for keeping warm, but also for the ruling of rites. This musical showed the major changes in dress from the Wei-Jin Periods to the Ming Dynasty.

The lovely performance enabled the audience to appreciate the beauty of Chinese traditional clothing and the skits displayed the significance that manners have in Chinese culture.

The lovely event ended with pop music mash-ups performed by Yishan Gao, Xiaohan Pu, Minmin Shi and Ruolan Xu.

The lovely Chinese New Year event was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance.  Malibu is enriched by having the sponsor of the event, the Asian Business Club at Pepperdine. Here’s to a prosperous and peaceful Year of the Rooster.