Dance In Flight, Pepperdine’s 21st Annual Student Dance Showcase.

Dance In Flight, Pepperdine’s 21st Annual Student Dance Showcase.


It is sometimes difficult to find something new and exciting to do with a date on a Friday night.  But, I was in luck, on this DanceInFlight2February 7th, Pepperdine was hosting their  21st Annual Student Dance Showcase, Dance In Flight.

Dance in Flight is one of Pepperdine’s most popular traditions.

DanceInFlight1I saw students from all majors perform a range of styles including jazz, hip hop, tap, ballet, modern, ballroom and world dance. The choreography was inspired by a variety of films including Pulp FictionCasablanca, The Sound of Music, and Despicable Me.  

 “The exciting thing about this year is that half of the dancers are participating in Dance in Flight for the first time, many of them freshman,” said Bill Szobody, Dance in Flight director.

As a student, Dance in Flight was the reason I ultimately chose to attend Pepperdine. Now as a working professional for the past four years, Dance in Flight has been the reason I have stayed,” said Alexandra Palmer, student organizations coordinator.

This event combined two of my favorite hobbies, movies and dancing.  The music and choreography had my date and I dancing in our seats.