McKenzie Westmore – Person of the Month

McKenzie Westmore – Person of the Month

by Veera Mahajan

A member of the legendary Westmore family, McKenzie started her career early, at the age mckenzieof three, when Robert DeNiro came to her home to get his makeup done by her father, Michael, for the Oscar-winning film,”Raging Bull”, and asked the three year old McKenzie to play his on-screen daughter. That little girl grew up to be a gorgeous, talented actress, singer, beauty and fitness fanatic. She is a mother of eight-year-old son Maddox. She is the host of SyFy’s special effects and make-up competition series, “Face Off”, that is now entering into its 7th season.

Westmore is engaged to Patrick Tatopoulos.   

McKenzie is recognized for her 10-year run as “Sheridan Crane” on NBC’s daytime drama, “Passions”. I was not surprised that she was known as America’s sweetheart in “Passions” because she is one in real life. When I called her for an interview one day before her birthday in April, she was such a delight to talk to. She gave me her full attention and politely and excitedly answered all my questions till the mother in her kicked in and she had to go pick up her son. I understand and admire that balance of a workingwoman and a mom.

Westmore’s additional television and film credits include “Weird Science, Star Trek”: “TNG, Star Trek Voyager”, “Friends”, “Dexter”, “Surviving Suburbia”, “Star Trek” the feature film, and a recurring roll on ABC’s  “All My Children”.

McKenzie is a trained opera singer, and has had extensive theatre training that includes the Lee Strasberg Institute and Uta Hagen Master Class. 

Westmore has been a certified trainer and nutritionist for 10 years. McKenzie strives to empower women with beauty tips so they may realize that by spending five minutes on themselves everyone can attain true beauty potential. She is developing a line of top-shelf cosmetics.

In 2008, Westmore family received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for their pioneering work in make-up for over 2,000 films and television series.

McKenzie learned about special effects makeup from her father, Michael Westmore. Michael worked on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and its many spin-offs.  He received nine Emmys, and an Oscar for the film, “Mask”.

McKenzie learned all about everyday makeup from her mom Marion. Marion was a model for costume designer, Edith Head. 

McKenzie is very close with her parents and is best friends with her siblings. She loves to do fun things with her family. She says she will never give up goofing around.

I totally agree that goofing around with friends and family is the best way to make sure you will keep enjoying life.