Malibu Chronicle Magazine

Malibu Chronicle Magazine

It is such an exciting time in the history of Malibu Chronicle.  We are working hard to bring out our very first issue of Malibu Chronicle Magazine.  It has been very interesting to see how many supporters have come forward with advertisement commitments and with editorials. I am happy to be bringing some wonderful stories of our readers and supporters to you. I am also looking forward to bringing our local merchants with wonderful products and services to you.

Looking forward to seeing our Malibu Chronicle magazine in all the local hangouts and in all the local free magazine stands.  I have been missing seeing that for last 5 months and can’t wait to see it when I go get a cup of coffee and or groceries at Ralph’s.  Please look for Malibu Chronicle glossy beautiful magazine in local stands as it was there before, just better.

Winter Issue (January to March 2013): Coming out by the end of December. Keep an eye out for it!!