Glorious Greens: Oh So Good!!

Glorious Greens: Oh So Good!!

Glorious Greens, Oh So Good!!

What do 300 million Americans have in common? We’re not eating our veggies. You may be like most Americans and only 23% of your meals include a vegetable. We are eating far less than half the amount health officials recommend.

Sorry – according the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, French fries do not qualify as a vegetable.

Before you go binge on vegetables to make up for your shortfall, it’s important to know not all vegetables are created equal. If only 23% of our meals have a vegetable, it’s important to eat the right ones which can help improve your health tremendously.


Greens – More Calcium Than Milk?!

Green leafy vegetables are going to give you the best bang for your bite.

A cup of collard greens actually has more calcium than a cup of milk! Greens are also better absorbed into your body than milk. Only 32% of the calcium in milk is absorbed into your body while greens are closer to 42%.

Greens Pack An Iron Punch

Greens are a great way to supplement your iron intake. A sirloin steak will give you about 2.3 mg of iron and a cup of spinach packs an iron punch of 3.4 mg. With the daily recommended amount being between 8 and 18 mg, greens are a natural and healthy way to get your daily iron up.

Greens To The Rescue with High Fiber 

Leafy greens are also a great source of fiber. This means lower cholesterol, normalizing blood sugar and not to get too personal, but regular bowel movements.  As many as 1 in 5 Americans don’t have regular bowel movements. Eating Greens can help. Leafy green vegetables are also high in folic acid, vitamins A, C, E and K and much more!

What’s that you say? Greens are a pain?

The hardest part of eating your greens is actually buying them. There is a local company in Malibu, Farm Box LA, that delivers weekly produce to your home. They guarantee each week you’ll get an abundant variety of leafy greens, fruit and other veggies all harvested from small, local, sustainable farms.

Your next excuse will be that you don’t know how to prepare greens. Farm Box LA has that covered too. They provide a detailed newsletter with each delivery full of recipes, kitchen tips and education on the produce.

Buying your greens from our local farmers is good for you, good for the environment and good for the community.

Some quick ways to enjoy your greens:

Kale – tear into small pieces. Massage for 3 minutes. Dressing: olive oil, miso, lemon juice
Bok Choy – slice into thin pieces and enjoy with hummus

Broccoli – chop into small pieces and add to scrambled eggs

Green Cabbage – slice thin and sauté with olive oil and garlic or quarter and boil in stock until tender.

Bon Appetit!

Chako Fairbanks