Breaking The Cycle – Albert Garcia’s Story

Breaking The Cycle – Albert Garcia’s Story

By Janet Cano – Agency Staff

For over 10 years Albert Garcia and his mother lived with constant domestic abuse and fear of not being able to leave their home. As a young child he did not understand why his mother stayed in a situation that was so toxic. Some people are so afraid and ashamed to reach out and often families do not even know where to turn to.

When the cycle was finally broken, the aftermath of recovery and transition was a steep liberating climb for his mother. With support from a few family and friends, therapy and faith, his mother has been able to live a life of freedom, happiness and joy. Unfortunately, during his mother’s time there were not many, if any, organizations like Safe Passage.

Safe Passage helps heal victims of domestic violence by providing them with safety, safe-passagemedical care, shelter, dental care, counseling, job skills training, transportation, clothing, and, in many cases, a new, furnished place to live. Safe Passage offers two avenues of help: connecting victims with resources that can bring them to immediate safety; and holding the hands of certain sufferers through an intensive course that transforms the victim to empowered, productive survivor.*

In order to help other women like his mother and ensure organizations like Safe Passage continue to exist, Albert would like to show his support to them by raising money as part of his participation in Spartan 2016.  A Spartan Race is a series of Obstacle Races of Varying Distance and difficulty ranging from 3 miles to  marathon distances. They are held in the USA and have been franchised to 14 countries including Canada, Europe, South Korea, and Australia.  In 2015 Spartan Race united with fundraising partner everyday hero to bring Spartans across the country a new way to help people, charities and organizations.

If you are inspired by the strength of people like Albert and his mother, please visit to donate to Safe Passage. The more people that know about Safe Passage, the greater their impact. Please spread the word by sharing the link with your friends and family.

By donating you will continue to help other families break the cycle of domestic abuse.

All Donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE since Safe Passage is a Non Profit 501(c)(3)!   

To learn more about SAFE PASSAGE;
(818) 232-7476
Hours: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Hotline for after hours: 1-800-799-SAFE

or visit

*Taken directly from Safe Passage Article featured on Malibu Chronicle