5 Ways to Get the Most Effective Workout in the Least Amount...

5 Ways to Get the Most Effective Workout in the Least Amount of Time

By Debi Carlin Boyle


With the holidays fast approaching, we’ll all be thinking, ‘How can I look my best and feel my best and still navigate all the food and celebrations that come along with this time of year?’ Many people think now is the time to ramp up their workouts to prepare for all that is to come. Well, truth is, the effectiveness of a workout has very little to do with the amount of time you spend doing it.


As a personal trainer, fitness instructor and wellness coach, I often have to explain to my clients that less is more when it comes to their workouts. This has probably been one of the most difficult concepts that I have had to get across to them.


Your body is a very efficient machine. If you treat it well, it will respond and work at its highest level. pilates-1Remember, you cannot ‘out exercise’ a bad diet. Having said that, there are many lifestyle diets, when it comes to nutrition, that are as individual as the person, but when it comes to exercise, over-training can be detrimental to all.

So, how can you maximize your time with exercise and still get the results you want?


Here are my 5 top ways to be the most effective in the least amount of time.

  1. Do Shorter Interval Workouts

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an exercise strategy alternating short periods of intense anaerobic exercise with less intense recovery periods. Training this way works several muscle groups at the same time.

2.  Break Down Your Sets

If you’re doing high reps and it seems too hard to get through, break it down to four sets of five reps, for cable chopsexample. This will keep you focused and make it easier to not give up on the muscle you’re training.

3.  Super-Set

A super-set is a combination of one exercise performed right after another with no rest in between them. You can either perform two exercises for the same muscle group, or two exercises for opposing muscle groups.

4. Train Larger Muscles First

By working the larger muscle groups before the smaller ones, you avoid undo strain while achieving muscle mass and strength.

5.  Form is Most Important

Quality is much more important than quantity when working out. This applies to any type of exercise. right-way-to-plank-Without proper form you’re setting yourself up for injury that could set you back for awhile. Proper form means you will achieve better results.


I also suggest you consider investing in a professional trainer / instructor for a short period of time to go over form, the order in which you do the exercises, and what type of training will make the most sense for your goals, body type and experience.


Now go at it and enjoy the holidays!



debi carlin-boyleDebi Carlin Boyle is a fitness professional and TV commercial producer with over two decades of experience in the fields of health and wellness. Debi is spreading her no-nonsense and holistic approach to health and wellness through her new live streaming radio show, Del and Debi Mind Body Soul and Everything In-between on LA TALK LIVE. Her brand: Fit BY Design.