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Check out Serena Foster’s latest music, In the Night.

‘In The Night’ is written by Serena Foster and David Walkins, produced by Raz Klinghoffer, and the music video is directed by Rob Fenton.

Serena Foster is currently in the studio finalizing a brand new radio friendly album with the talented producer Raz Klinghoffer whose work can be heard on television shows such as “American Horror Story,” Ink Master” and “The Flash.” Serena is also working with producers such as J2Producer who has produced and remixed songs for artists such as Beyonce, Shakira, LL Cool J, Pussy Cat Dolls and Cassie.

Article and Photos by Barbara Burke

“I think her phenomenal work is a unique combination of the future and the past,” Jacqueline “Jac” Forbes, curator and owner of Malibu’s Canvas Gallery, said, commenting about the intriguing and inspirational art work of Malibu artist Allois. “It blends the delicate beauty of the past and the uncertainty of what the future will bring and what people will look like. It’s great work to get lost in.”


Malibu Chronicle paid a call on the charming and extremely talented Allois at her Malibu gallery. It is a place of intrigue and mystique. Everywhere one looks, fascinating works beckon her to come closer, inspect the contours and nuances of the ephemeral and ethereal piece, become immersed in the vision before her, and wonder aloud, “What is this fascinating work of art in front of me? Am I seeing the past, the future, the surreal, or the present? Or perhaps, is this work entrenched in all of those realms at once?”

Art that defies definition is often some of the most intriguing and intellectually stimulating and scintillating. It challenges the intellect, confronts one’s senses, and unsettles one’s perceptions. It excites.

Allois’ repertoire is vast, variant, and deep. Her works range from the images of the Black Sea that intrigued her father during her childhood, to her depiction of the aliens for which she is most famous, to her phenomenal illustrations of special novels and works.

Allois grew up near the Black Sea in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, a small town in Saxony – Anhalt, Germany, and in Legnica, Poland. Her seascapes evoke mighty ships adrift in rough waters, their majesty commanding the seas. Summers were spent at the Black Sea with its huge waves and distinct feeling that water and sky merge more mightily than they do anywhere else on Earth.

With ancestors who were royalty, Allois remains intrigued by the ornate, austere images from centuries long gone. Her works depicting empresses, counts and countesses, and other regal subjects exude the opulence of ages past, but also always include a surprising twist, such as having a member of the royalty ride atop a pony, hold a monkey, or take an unpredictable stance.

Catching the viewer off guard and causing her to think is one of the brilliant hallmarks of Allois’ intriguing works.


Titillation teases throughout her art; there is often a sensual image amidst a Rembrandt-esque depiction. Her works are somehow concurrently incongruous and disjunct, but inviting and fascinating, making the viewer want to be in on the joke, educated in the intimated nuances, and part of the plot.

Take a tour of Allois’ gallery and all these images abound. However, the most hauntingly fascinating are her works depicting alien creatures.

“My hallmark sign is the sign of the aliens,” Allois said coyly. “If you look, it is on all my pieces. The aliens are kind of like an omen for good luck. Sometimes, I sense that I can feel them. Indeed, it seems like they are asking me to paint them. It seems they send me strong messages. Some collectors are in love with my alien scenes and my creatures.”

The eyes of the enticing empresses that all but flirt with the viewer, juxtaposed with impish aliens makes for a ghostly, fascinating, intriguing tour as one goes through Allois’ gallery.

“Depicting the image of the faces of the aliens is not easy. One must paint the eyes first, and then afterward look for the perfect image of the face. It isn’t easy to accomplish, but when it works I feel satisfaction,” Allois explains.

The distant, but inviting eyes of the aliens beckon a viewer, inviting her to perhaps have a conversation, join a soiree, or have an unknown encounter with the sentinels who gaze serenely both at and through an onlooker. The pieces fascinate and excite.

Allois’ work is described by critics as deriving from and informed by many genres. Abstraction. The surreal. At times, even the whimsical.

Allois describes herself as a semi-abstract painter with an eye for imagery and other worlds.

Allois is many things. A visionary. A painter. An artist who loves to paint on oxidized steel, copper and other metals, and an illustrator.

Her illustrations of “The Fall of the House of Usher/Usher II” by Ray Bradbury and Edgar Allan Poe, Gauntlet Press 2010, are haunting and intriguing. They are perfect for the famous works, leading one key commentator to opine:

“Allois (intensifies) “Usher II” with astounding visuals that elevate the entire volume into an unsettling fine art experience that must be seen to be believed… THE FALL OF THE HOUSE OF USHER and USHER II is not merely a book, my friends; it is an event!”

— Tomb of Dark Delights.

Allois also illustrated the cover for MIDLIFE DRAMA by Irit Kedem, Publishing House of General Union of Writers in Israel 2008.

Allois received her arts education at the National Academy of Art, Ukraine and she has exhibited across the nation and abroad.

Fortunately, for Southern Californians and visitors, they need not go so far. They are always welcome to pay a call at her Malibu gallery on an appointment basis.

“My work combines untamed energy of the open sea and disturbing familiarity of alien entities,” Allois said, explaining the vast expanse of her repertoire. “I invite you to fly into my Dream. I want to take you inside, deep inside. And we are taking the outside with us; we are taking it all with us… all the faces, all the mirrors, all the reflections. And when we let it out into the real world, it will feel familiar, but it won’t be.”

Accepting Allois’ invitation to come along on her magical, whimsical, mysterious journey is well worth the intellectual and emotional effort in doing so.

It is, to coin a phrase, to go on Malibu’s own Magical Mystery Tour.

For More Information:

Allois Studios

3900 Escondido. Dr.

Malibu, CA 90265

ph: 310 729 2722





This year’s Festival Committee at Theatre Palisades is happy to announce the year of Diane Grant. We celebrate our own playwright with the presentation of her work, highly regarded both in Palisades and recently in Santa Barbara this year where she won first place in PlayFest Santa Barbara. It wasn’t her first winner. Diane also won the Cannes Festival Jury Prize, Canada Council Grant, Long Beach Best Works Award, Dramalogue Best Actress and the Jack Oakie awards.

Diane Grant

Diane was a co-founder of Redlight Theatre, the first professional women’s theatre in Canada. Her plays, which have been produced and published in the US, Canada, Italy, Iran and the British Virgin Islands, include What Glorious Times They Had, Sex and Violence, Has Anybody Here Seen Roy? Rondo a la Condo, A Dog’s Life, The Last Of The Daytons, and The Piaggi Suite as well as a musical adaptation of The Wind In The Willows.

Also, Diane was Literary Manager of the Los Angeles Write Act Repertory Company, a mentor for the young playwrights’ group HOLA, and a member of Los Angeles Wordsmiths. She’s a member of the Dramatists Guild, The Playwrights Guild of Canada, the International Center for Women Playwrights, blogs for The Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative, and is Vice-Chair of the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights.

And she chairs the Festival at Theatre Palisades, reading scripts, directing, and tending to the thousands of last-minute Really Urgent emergencies that arise with predictable regularity. She’s our Diane.

David Field

The Festival’s eighth season offered a wide variety of scripts from which three were chosen. David Field, local author and longtime Theater Palisades member, will lead off the Season with his play,  A Guest of Honor, on April 11.

Next, on April 18, we’ll see Diane’s Sunday Dinner, which has been translated into Farsi and Italian, and has seen many productions.

And finally, on April 25th, we’ll see Jim McGinn’s, Viola – Seven Days in Selma. Previous plays presented by Jim, a Festival favorite, have included winning scripts from three other seasons.

Jim McGinn

The Festival gives authors the chance to hear their works read aloud after being cast and rehearsed and read before a live audience. The audience has the chance to hear new work that has grown from the rich entertainment talent inherent locally.

Enjoy an evening out. Curtains are at 7:30 PM at the theater, 941 Temescal Canyon Road. There’s a $5.00 admission fee, refreshments are served, and it promises to be an evening worth attending. Be a part of Palisades own drama. Don’t miss it!

If you’d like to contact me, I am Julia Whitcombe of Theatre Palisades,


phone 310 230 2870

fax 310 454 1518

Join us at one of our upcoming Open House events April 2, April 30 or May 21.

At Cali Camp, each camper will experience a variety of over 50 mini-adventures with activities and exciting special events to express their individual interests and curiosity. Whether visiting for the whole summer or just a week, every camper will reconnect with the environment’s wonder and reclaim the magic it offers.

Our philosophy supports an optimistic and educational FUN time for all campers, no matter who they are, what they like or whether they are outgoing or shy. We believe that children learn when they are experiencing things in a fun, carefree environment.

We believe in generating a summer that each camper can share with friends for months after they leave Cali. To us, success is happiness resonating not just during, but also after a Cali kids camp experience.

Camp tuition includes transportation from the SF Valley, West Side, and most of Los Angeles.


Call: 310.455.0404

Cali Camp

1717 Old Topanga Cyn Road, Topanga, CA 90290

“MORE SLEEP / LESS STRESS”  (Say Hello to the ‘Bobbsey Twins’)

Hermine Hilton, Author & International Speaker, ‘America’s Memory Motivator’

Do you have a zit that’s just popped up— (and you’re over 40) ?

Is your skin itching…Are your eyelids twitching?

Is your libido lacking luster?

Is your mood swinging like a chandelier?

Well…Guess What!

You could be suffering from a lack of sleep or a mess of stress.

I often think of these two dis-functionary botherations as the ‘Bobbsey Twins’ .

That’s because the problems they cause are so often the same.

The two are intertwined :

Sleep problems cause stress and Stress causes sleep problems.

And both are abysmally destructive to our healthy and happy living.

While we all try to pay attention to diet and exercise when we think about our health, we often give little or no attention to the two most forgotten components on the way to happy life insurance.

More sleep and less stress.

So, with this article, I’d like to point out the reasons you should be attending to your sleep decline and your stress incline. Once you start thinking in this direction, paying some mind to these two verbs, and realize they could put you on the road to an early demise (oh yes- they surely could) perhaps you’ll attend to correcting their lack and stack.

(I’m talking to the general population as I realize there are always a few of you who seem to out-maneuver the statistics and survive regardless of them .So if you are one of those, skip this article and read another of mine. May I suggest “Posilosophy”

It has to do with your thinking.)  (search Hermine)

Lack Of Sleep

Let me start by informing you ‘lack of sleepers’ that 7 to 8 hours a night is the medical recommendation by doctors and medical journals everywhere and anything less than 6 hours is going to be a botheration and may surely put your health on the road to ruination.

Are you prone to getting colds and never missing the experience of flu with every season? That’s because lack of sleep slows down your immune system, which makes it difficult to fight off infection. However, a full nights sleep is your skin’s best friend.

It reduces recovery time from exposure to the sun, wind and free radicals.

Although we are, by way of common sense, aware that too little sleep can cause grogginess, lack of focus which affects our memory, and mood swings, it also affects our metabolism which can lead to weight gain and obesity.

And it also gives you a heightened risk of Heart Disease. The lack of shut-eye according to many medical studies increases your chance of heart disease by 48%, and, as a preface, offers a 20% higher risk of developing high blood pressure.

The public is not aware, I fear, that your chances of dying of heart disease doubles,

and studies show that less than 6 hours of sleep a night increases your chances of stroke by 4 times.  Lack of sleep can also invite the risk of diabetes because it decreases the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Problems From Stress

Now that I’ve sufficiently scared you (I hope), into upping your sleep pattern, let’s digress to stress and its all too debilitating encumbrances:

Have you been yelping like a past dated dinosaur over a dropped date or aggravated yourself over a syringe size spill of milk? Well, much like too little sleep, too much stress also causes mood swings.

This ‘Bobbsey twin’ can also cause cardiovascular problems as well as intestinal and digestive problems. Have you noticed any belching, gas, or diarrhea lately? Just chalk it up to undue stress, which can also bring on ulcers and cause allergies. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to rid yourself of those? Well, reign in your anger and ignore minor annoyances and you just might.

Like too little sleep can lead to obesity, so can too much stress. Chronic stress can cause abdominal fat and make it difficult to trim down even with exercise. Because the body,

while trying to protect itself from stress, releases adrenaline and cortisol and makes you feel hungry for carbs and fat. It also causes muscle mass adding to your soft belly.

Do you grind your teeth at night? You can thank Sir Stress for that too. Grinding can also lead to damaged teeth, sore jaws and gums. It’s from the stress tensing.

(My grinding stopped when I got a divorce….but that’s another article.)

Stress can also cause panic attacks, acne outbreaks (worse than when you were thirteen)

muscle twitching, eye spasms, headaches (even migraines) and oh those painful backaches. And stress is bipartisan when it comes to the sexes because it can cause disruptive menstrual periods and, as if that weren’t enough, it can even cause infertility and erectile dysfunction.

So… attention…..and stomp it out before it stomps you out.

As that marvelous actor, the late Rod Steiger once told me,

“Don’t ya let ’em get ya baby!”

( and by the way, stress, which can cause hair loss by fooling with your follicles, can also cause you to go prematurely gray. I know that for a fact because when I was about nineteen and my mom was not yet fifty I was overseas with the USO in Korea, entertain- ing the troops.[Because of my sense of humor they called me ‘The Dancing Bob Hope’] One morning in Seoul, I was awakened by a red alert, and while waiting for it to subside, I wrote my mom a letter joking about it. The morning my mom got the letter was the same morning the newspaper back home in the U.S. had a headline that shouted about a revolution with mass devastation that had broken out in Seoul and my mom’s hair turned gray with worry overnite.)

Not An Option

Many of you suffering from stress try to allay it by turning to drugs and alcohol in order to cope. This may help you forget your problems for a brief moment but when the high wears off, the problem is still there.

And many of you suffering from sleep deprivation will turn to medication and sleeping pills. This can cause you to lose even more sleep because they become addictive. You may build a tolerance to them after a short while making them less effective or not effective at all.

So my advice to you would be to alert yourselves to the importance of more sleep and less stress. Learn as much as you can. Read the medical reports, do a Google search, talk to your Doctor. Don’t worry yourself into sleeplessness. The more you worry, the less you’ll sleep. And don’t anger yourself into stressfulness – Don’t get your dander up.

Instead, calm yourself down and get ready to enjoy a long tomorrow.


The Lady On The Mountain

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